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“Promote the responsible use of information technologies and devices, of the web and Internet applications in general, through education, information and combating any private or public improper uses of the internet and the web”


Sloweb is a non-profit association established to promote the responsible use of information technologies and devices, and of the web and Internet applications in general. Sloweb activities include education, information and combating any improper public or private use of the internet and the web.

Sloweb asserts that the web is an extraordinary vehicle for knowledge, memories and quality information sharing. Sloweb acknowledges the endless opportunities and the huge potential that digital technologies offer, also in facilitating the inclusion of challenged or disabled individuals.

Sloweb recognizes that the use of information technologies involves a deep interference with the irrational, emotional and unconscious side of human nature. Besides the opportunities, risks and social phenomena exist that must be carefully assessed and in specific cases challenged.

Sloweb is also committed to protecting human fundamental rights for the ecological use of personal digital data: reduce, select, protect, own and delete for ever, managing your own digital heritage

All the above is essential to make the web safer, free and beneficial for everyone.


Sloweb is a home for individuals, professionals and organizations that share its principles and targets described above, each contributing with activities such:

  • Training courses concerning digital awareness and IT security
  • Services aimed to protect and enhance the digital assets of individuals and organizations
  • Solutions to improve internet access for everyone
  • Initiatives to promote full transparency around Terms & Conditions and internet contracts in general
  • Fight against creating dependency and compulsive use of digital devices
  • Promotion of responsive and participatory behaviour in software development

Sloweb participants commitment

Sloweb members are committed to:

  • Share and promote the Sloweb association principles and initiatives
  • Financial support
  • Spread Sloweb presence across the world

Sloweb members engaged in developing web platforms are also committed to:

  • Avoid any commercial use of profiling data
  • Support their customers with innovative tools for a deep understanding of Terms & Conditions and internet applications
  • Support their customers to avoid spending excessive time on their applications, including through the use of specific platform innovative tools

How to become a member

Please fill the online form.

  • Associazione Sloweb
  • Sede legale:
  • Via Bertola, 35 – 10122 Torino
  • Sede operativa c/o Escamotages
  • via Gioberti 26bis – 10128 Torino
  • Tel. 011-19916610
  • [email protected]
  • C.F. 97823610015


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